So this is my first blog, I guess what I am looking for is feedback on life in general particularly parenting.  I hope this will be a decent way for me to express myself since I feel I don’t have too many people to talk to.  I would also be more than happy to just chat with anyone who wants feedback themselves.I can’t say I am an expert but I have got some strong opinions in some areas.. Anyways I am 25, a nontraditional student back in college I live in the south and have a whole lot of interests that I feel like I have no time for. 

I love

  • movies/anytime with family of course
  • Harry Potter
  • Borderlands
  • Community
  • Shopping/Clothes although I have terrible fashion sense for myself, I just like to look!
  • Reading fantasy  (if you love Patrick Rothfuss, Brent Weeks or Kim Harrison I will be you new best friend)
  • I am also obsessed with Pinterest (that site is addicting, if I could live through pins I would be tatted up and actually be able to cook)